About us

Our mission is to change the consumption and production cycle of clothing while giving back to local charities. Clothing is an essential part of our daily lives, and our current way of producing it has a massive cost to the environment and wallets alike. It’s crucial to change our relationship with clothing; the current fast-paced one-time system isn’t sustainable for anyone. An estimated 10.5 million tons of clothes and textiles in North America are lost to disposal every year. On average, clothes are worn only seven times before being disposed of. Thrifty Thursday is helping to combat this problem by running a school-based and an online thrift store where students and community members can shop, swap, or donate used clothing. With the swap shop, we promote a circular economy while increasing the wear time of items that could have ended up in the landfill.

Thrifty Thursday started November 25th, 2021, in the Sustainability Club, and Julia, Kailyn, and Gracie entered it into the Sustainable Development Challenge. It later developed into the Thrifty Thursday Team: Julia, Kailyn, Gracie, Heather, and Gavin. With the aid and support of the Sustainability Club, the environmental class, our mentors, and student run-businesses, Thrifty Thursday became the thrift store it is today. At the end of the Sustainable Development Challenge, Thrifty Thursday was revealed to be the winning team. We hope to become a standard fixture of a better school system for the environment and the collective community. As we say, our impact is only limited to the number of people we can inspire.