KSS Thirfty Thursday in 2022

KSS Thirfty Thursday in 2022

We pride ourselves in the fact we donate 100% of profits to charity. In 2022 we were able to donate 1,000$ to the Kelowna Women’s Shelter, a charity based in Kelowna that protects women and children from abuse while providing them with shelter and other basic necessities including clothes. Kelowna Women’s Shelter has a helpline and a thrift store as well. 

Thrifty Thursday was the 2022 Sustainable Development Challenge winner bringing home 1,000$ after the decision was made by the judges to divide the 8,000$ prize pot based on all the teams expressed budget. This decision was based on a suggestion made by the Thrifty Thursday team and has had a lasting impact on the Sustainable Development Challenge by letting more projects get the funding they need to make their projects a reality.

The new Thrift N’ Flip bin is a bin full of free clothes encouraging students to use their creativity while creating new outfits. These clothes are at high risk of needlessly ending up in the landfill often because of their small stains and tears. This bin allows Thrifty Thursday to reduce the number of items we have to re-donate which in turn reduces the likelihood that the clothes will end up in the landfill.   

Beast Weekend (also called The Beast International Film Festival), an environmental film festival, allowed us to have a booth at their event after our plans for our own event unfortunately fell through. The event was greatly affected by the heatwave but everything else when according to plan including the environmental fashion show and art gallery showcase.

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