Where are we located?

Room 145 at Kelowna Secondary School.

How does the Swap Shop work?

The swap shop is located in Room 145 when Thrifty Thursday is open (during lunch on Thursdays); it is where small volume donations (less than 12 items of clothing) are exchanged for tickets. Check in store for any new update we make to our swap shop policy and bring your items in clean and decent condition. If you know any items you wish to bring have holes or small stains feel free to place them in our Thrift N’ Flip box, it will help us save time processing items and will allow us to bring quality items to the racks faster. Thrift N’ Flip box allows to further decrease the amount of textile waste at risk of being thrown into the landfill, everything in the box is free due to time, condition or space restraints of keeping the items.

How do I volunteer?

Attend our lunch hour weekly meetings in Room 145 at Kelowna Secondary School on Mondays. Grade 12 can ask for their time to count for their needed volunteering hours. Joining the website team is open to any grade but grade 10’s are favored and has opportunities to learn web development and leadership with Impact Toolbox, any student  interested should email our store email: kssthriftythursday@gmail.com. 

How and where do you pick-up?

The pick-up at Kelowna Secondary School room 145 during Wednesday and Thursday at lunch.

What is accepted as donations?

Only clothes in the categories shirts, pants, dresses including skirts, formal wear, swimwear and jewellery. Bags and footwear like shoes are accepted but in some cases might need to be re-donated. Anything else that does not fit the above categories will most likely be re-donated or rejected. The best way to limit the number of possible items from going to the landfill or being re-donated is to bring washed and good condition items. Do not bring large furniture or small furniture. Undergarments acceptability is currently under review.

How can I pay?

We accept cash and debit. For online shopping it is reserve system where you  pay cash or with a card at the point of pick up on Thursdays at Lunch in room 145.

Not a KSS Student?

We plan to help other schools create thrift stores. Currently, the store is only open to KSS students.

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